Monday, 6 June 2016

I Left Thailand!!!

On the 5th August 2015 I made a huge decision and left the place I had called home for the previous three and a half years and return to the place I was born... I did the unthinkable and left Thailand for England!!!

I have not updated this blog at all since I left and randomly decided to login into my blogger account to find myself pleasantly surprised to see that some of my old posts are still being viewed and some people have actually made some really nice comments. I am happy that the articles I wrote have been informative to people looking to move to Thailand or teach there. 

Thailand is an amazing country and whilst I believe that i've probably made the correct decision for me to move away at this time, I would recommend that everyone should experience it. 

I've decided i'm going to update this blog with a few new posts detailing my reasons for leaving Thailand and my thoughts and feelings looking back nearly a year after leaving, and I'll take it from there... probably not much interest in reading a blog about Thailand from a guy who doesn't even live there!!!

Cheers Guys 

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