Tuesday, 12 August 2014

5 Expats In Thailand To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site which is fairly new to me. I had a dormant account for a few years which I used mainly to read tweets from various celebrities but I didn't quite get the point of it all. I've found the whole microblogging concept kind of fails if you just follow random people in which you have little in common and no real sustained interest in. This is why Facebook feeds are always filled with pointless filler because you feel obliged to add everyone you know who will then in turn inundate you with pointless information regarding things you have absolutely no interest in i.e. the pie and mash they cooked last night. This is why I keep my twitter follow list streamlined and only follow people who 'tweet' things I have an interest in. 

This list of five expats in Thailand to follow on Twitter is by no means exhaustive and I would highly recommend that you check out my follow list on Twitter because many of them are Expats in Thailand. This list instead recommends users who each take a different perspective on living in Thailand and present an interesting account of expat life. I would also like to point out that I don't know any of these people personally and am just a fan of their content. 

1. Richard Barrow

Richard Barrow will more then likely be the first person you add if you are looking for information regarding Thailand. Richard had lived in Thailand for over 20 years and works primarily as a travel blogger. As well as covering his own travels he also covers news which would be of interest to foreigners in the kingdom so he is always a useful resource. 

2. Ajarn.com 'Phil' 

Phil has also lived in Bangkok for over 20 years and runs the popular teaching website ajarn.com. The website is the first port of call for teachers looking for jobs within the kingdom and I'm told it also has a decent forum for teachers although I haven't actually checked it out yet. Phil tweets about a large number of topics and I've found his tweets give a really accurate impression of life in Thailand. He is a must follow for all teachers out there but he also tweets on many different subjects.

3. Somchai The Dog

I like this guy because he brings a very real account of his daily life in an entertaining fashion. He is very representative of your average guy in Bangkok, he works as an English teacher with a wife and a young child. A definite must follow if you're looking for an entertaining expat. 

4. Bangkok Girl Blog

Anna is a British expat living in Bangkok who always tweets interesting things about her life living in Bangkok. Her account is great to follow if you want to know more about cool places to go in the capital and it's also great getting the prospective of expat life from someone who isn't an English teacher!

5. Amusing Thailand

A recent addition to my follow list has made it into my top five twitter recommendations. Amusing Thailand as the name suggests shows the amusing side of life in Thailand in all it's bizarre fashion. They also RT a lot of funny tweets so it's definitely an account to follow if you want a laugh!  

6. South Thai Expat

OK, this is merely a shameless plug for me but why not check it out? I tweet on my life working as a teacher in Thailand with all the up's, down's, frustrations and jubilations that come my way. Also check out my follow list for other great expats to follow :)

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